About Us

The Company was founded in 1986 by Bo Nørgaard.

We are devoted to pursuing personal development and the learning process that is essential for us to be leaders within a continuously evolving industry. The quality of our services is built on the basis of our own desire to be the best. Personal pride is to be held as a valuable treasure that should not be ignored in any situation. We are devoted listeners that are expected to help and direct our clients in their business needs while working within their busy lives and schedules. 

 It is essential that we take the initiative to create open communication with our clients so we can deliver all that our clients expect and more. Our understanding of success is based on joining many minds and talents that allow us to all be successful rather than on the qualities of a few. Honesty among team members ensures that we are a part of a strong and focused team of creative individuals. 

Contact Information

You opinion matters, we really appreciate the feedback we get from our customers and it helps us make our products even better. Normally people only contact vendors when they find bugs, and yes there will always be bugs, but we would also like to hear your positive experience, as this helps us getting the products out to a wider group of people. 

Sophienborgvænget 9
3400 Hillerød Denmark
Phone: (+45) 4824-3414
E-Mail: info@dotnetnuke.dk
VAT No: DK 18872838